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Celina Ellis

Celina Ellis is a Townie and International Super Spy/Theif. Her parents were murdered by the ellusive Sector 7 and she's been trying to bring them down ever since. She came to Riverstone to seek the help of Connor James, hoping his ability could be of some use.

Celina is played by Leani.

Celina Ellis

Full Name

Celina Abigail Ellis








International Super Spy



Power Level

Level 4

Spouse/Significant Other




Blood Status


Life StoryEdit

Celina had a happy childhood until agents from Sector 7 broke into her home, attempting to kidnap her. Her parents, who had similar abilities, stayed behind to fend the agents off, giving Celina a chance to get away. She hung back, long enough to see them die for her. From that moment on she vowed to hunt down and take out every member of Sector 7 until the group of completely gone. She couldn't use any of the money her parents left her, since Sector 7 would be able to track her. So, she made a leaving off stealing priceless art and sealing it back to the people she stole it from. Over the years she has managed to take out a few members of Sector 7 who found her, but she's looking for the big boss. In one of their compounds she stole some files of certain Metas they were interested in. One of the files was information on Connor. She came to BTA, hoping to find him, thinking his ability could help her.



Celina can move through solid objects and even people

Photographic Muscle MemoryEdit

The ability to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed once.

Touch RecallEdit

The ability to instantly know the history of an object or person simply by touch.


Celina is driven by her need to get back at the people who were responsible for her parents' deaths. She is very focused on this goal and doesn't tend to forge relationships with people.


Connor JamesEdit


Celina Ellis is represented in game by Yvonne Strahovski.

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